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Our “wine club” is structured a little differently than most wineries. Because we make so few cases every year, we need to be sure that we have enough for our members. Each of our members will be given a discount based on the amount of wine that they agree to buy on an annual basis.

As a member of either club, you agree to purchase at least 12 bottles per year in the cornerstone club or 24 bottles in the keystone club per year with your discount. We will initiate orders 2 times per year(March & Oct) during our inaugural year, 2021. Each time you receive an invite you will have the opportunity to order the wines you want. If we do not hear back from you, we will send 2 bottles of 3 different wines to keep you on track.

We offer pick up locations in Glen Ellen and in Poway, California, but if you prefer we can also deliver to your front door. Customers may either pay for the wine shipping as the charges are incurred or join the “Stonemason Society”. The Stonemason Society is a program where customers can pay an annual subscription fee in order to receive free shipping on all* orders throughout the year. Customers can join the Stonemason Society without becoming a Foundation Member. For more information or to join our Stonemason Society, CLICK HERE

Which club would you like to join?

Cornerstone Club - Case per Year
- 15% Discount on all wine purchases - 12 bottles per year minimum (6 bottles in Spring, and 6 bottles in the Fall)
Keystone Club - 2 Cases per Year
- 20% Discount on all wine purchases - 24 bottles per year minimum (12 bottles in Spring, and 12 bottles in the Fall)

Billing Information

Shipping Information

Thank you for joining our growing family! We do not charge any handling or packing fees and your membership provides a discount on wine purchases, and invitations to member-only events. You may cancel at any time however you agree to take the first year shipments or pay up to a $50 early cancellation fee. We respect your privacy. No other organization will be granted access to your information. Your credit card will be charged at the time of shipping. Any additional shipping and tax applicable will also be billed at the time of shipment.

By providing this information and clicking the 'I agree to the terms and conditions' button below, you authorize Stonemason Cellars to charge your credit card and declare that both you and the recipient are over 21 years of age.

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